Frozen Handmarks

Scapino Ballet - Inma Rubio Tomas with Anita Gaasbeek
Melanie Nix - Dance Europe
December 1998

At the Stadsschouwburg, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam were featuring choreographic talents found within the company itself. Frozen Handmarks, choreographed by dancer Inma Rubio Tomas, began with a rather gory twist on a TV cookery programme as Beth Bartholomew recited recipes requiring human organs, whilst performing developpés across a white couch. Deep black curtains, pulled across the wings, gave the feeling of being thrust inside a television set, with snowy projections and en X-ray of a hand adding to the impression. The piece was made unique by the presence of Anita Gaasbeek-Ruigrok (dance artist), sketching and placing the marked white sheets haphazardly around her. Certainly Tomas has succeeded in creating an inspiring work, perfectly tailored to the Scapino dancers.
Fall, choreographed by Ederson Rodrigues Xavier (also a company member), used a similar vocabulary to Tomas, but instilled a very different mood. The stage, opened out to the bare brick wall, conveyed an industrial feel. The dancers' musical abilities were exploited as Sara Weissbarth, wheeled on stage in a cage, plucked a harp, and Luiz Martinez tugged at an enormous bow-like berimbau. Klaas Backx, appearing at the piano, offered relief from the disturbing soundtrack - a raging sea pulling at shingle and grinding machinery - by Michel Grens. The dancers, clad in loose folds of muted autumnal colours and tight net tops, performed a meticulously rehearsed work, alternating speedy allegro with mellow, drug induced adage.
Opening the programme, Wubbe's Kathleen was a stimulating work despite the obscenity sprawled in graffiti across the backcloth. Although taking a feminine name as its inspiration, Kathleen undoubtedly favoured the boys. The soundtrack switched from Backx's one handed piano solo to head banging rock, and large sections were devoted to punchy ensemble sequences involving somersaulting into each others' arms. There were particularity notable performances from Javier Velaquez and Ìael Domenger. Kathleen, who appeared to be represented by all six girls, flirted shamelessly with each man in turn, and sensual partnering hinted at sleazy, easy love. A comical play for power between two men, as they humped their buttocks along the piano keys, drew the piece to a close and the fading lights caught two lovers in a solemn embrace.

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